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Newnham Live started life with a question: Will the good folk of Newnham come to a quadrophonic evening? The answer was “yes.” That evening we played Tubular Bells in quad, i.e. as most people have never heard it before. So we pushed it a bit further and found some quadrophonic versions of Pink Floyd. Yes. They came again. Then we went really crazy and spent money booking live bands and, guess what, the good folk of Newnham (and the surrounding area) turned out and enjoyed what we had on offer. Newnham Live now hosts a live music festival each year in June, with St. Peter’s church as the venue.

As well as our main festival, we also put on other shows on an ad hoc basis at other times. In December 2017 and December 2018, Newnham Live brought Holly at Christmas to the village as up and coming folk and blues star Sunjay sang the songs of ‘Buddy Holly.

Newnham Live 2018 featured The Carrivick Sisters, Red Priest, Michael Messer’s Mitra, Dino Baptise, The Ric Sanders Trio and Fairport Convention (yes, the real one, not a tribute act, as we keep having to say to people!). Click here to see some photos!

Newnham Live 2019 is going to feature Antonio Forcione, Paul Jones and the Blues Band, Lady Maisery, Errol Linton Band, Dodo Street Band and Henri Herbert. Click here for more information!